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Bonnybrook Bedlingtons was first established in the late 1950’s when Dennis’ parents, Peggy and Bob Corash, brought the first Bedlington to Colorado. Growing up with a bevy of Bedlingtons has been quite an adventure. Dennis started showing Bedlingtons in the early 60’s at five years old.  He has continued in the canine profession by carrying on the Bedlington line through breeding, showing and awareness through associations and clubs.

Dennis bought Kristi her first Bedlington shortly after their marriage. She immediately was smitten. Together they have been raising and exhibiting the breed since the 80’s. They are pleased to be joined by their daughter Melissa Corash Woodward in the family fun.  Dennis and Kristi are both recognized as Breeders of Distinction by the Bedlington Terrier Club of America and Breeders of Merit by the American Kennel Club.

Dennis is the past president of the Bedlington Terrier Club of America and served the organization in many other roles. He is president of the Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Denver which he and Kristi help found many years ago.  Dennis remains active in Terry-All Kennel Club and the regional terrier club. 

Bonnybrook Bedlingtons, Dr. Dennis Corash

Dennis and Kristi Corash, Bonnybrook Bedlington Terriers are honored to be considered Breeders of Distinction by the Bedlington Terrier Club of America. They are also recognized by the American Kennel Club as Breeders of Merit.

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